Общие условия

Welcome at laralarsen.com (following „website”) which is operating by Norman Richter.

The website has a free and a non-free (“member area”) part. Everyone can visit and watch the free part of the website without any restrictions.

In the member area you will find content (texts, photos and videos) which is limited to a group of people who bought this access. A person of this group is a “member”. You can become a member if you are in legal age to buy a membership.

A member gets access to the member area for the time it was paid for. Getting access to the content allows the member to download it for personal use. The membership can canceled at any time. If the membership is not canceled it will be automatically continued for one month. A member keeps care about the security of the personal access data. If we notice any abuse of a member we keep the right to permit the access to the member area.

If you have any complains, problems or need on any other way support please contact us.