Lokschuppen Fetish Evolution Weekend 2016

Lokschuppen Fetish Evolution Weekend 2016
Lokschuppen Fetish Evolution Weekend 2016Bottrop, DE

Every year again one of the biggest fetish parties will be celebrated in Essen / Germany and motivates with its gloss hundreds and thousands of people around the world to come at the Easter Weekend to one place. And many models, exhibitors and guests love one of the most important rules: You should wear anything extravagant but no street clothes. Leather, spandex, PVC and of course were this weekend the general standard for everyone but there was for this weekend a small change compared to all the years before: I wanted to be part of this party. That means much more that I didn’t just be here to have a lot of fun – no - I wanted slightly influent the Fetish Evolution weekend 2016 and I believe that I succeeded. But get more while reading now. 😃

Arrival at Hotel and Preparation

After a longer arrival and driving I lost a little the right way in Essen but fortunately I found the hotel “Bredeney” in a good time. The hotel has over 300 rooms and was completely booked for the guests of the party and so the cool weekend began already for many guest right from the arrival: The whole weekend wearing the lovely fetish fashion. Many don’t have the opportunity like me to wear latex regularly like me and so I saw already right from the car parking first guests in front of the hotel with beautiful latex suits standing together for a nice relaxed chat.

From myself I wore in the car my sexy of and on my beautiful jacket by . with the cool . That was perfect to wear for the four hours in the car but now I was glad to change my fashion and get something vibrating and colorful.

It was afternoon and so I checking in, stopped for a short chat with many familiar faces and then left the lobby to get in my room just to prepare for my first party. And that was somewhat tricky because I had never been to the Fetish Evolution Weekend before or in the so called “Lokschuppen” and therefore I was not sure what I would expect.

I was a little excited but also super happy. I took my beautiful latex outfits and was wondering what I should wear this night. Blond long hair (yes - I had let my hair extend) and a gorgeous outfit should be the eye-catcher on this evening.

Finally, I chose my gorgeous red and over this my black corset of Simon O. I love this combination, I love the bright red of the and I love it to tease and so it’s exactlywhy I wanted to begin my first party in this look.

Party in the Lokschuppen

After a short while, I was ready and I felt simply perfect and ready to party. The is perfectly made to measure and fits so good without any fold or wrinkles like a second skin - a wonderful feeling and a real hot look.

At first I went to the room of Rubmario to pick him up. He was so kind and offered to be the driver to the Lokschuppen because it is a relatively long drive from Essen to Bottrop. And so, we took off with a lot of fun we all were very curious to see what will be there. On the drive Rubmario told us a little about the Lokschuppen because it was not the first time for him and so I got stuck to his words and liked what he told me about the place.

Actually, it was a very entertaining and fun ride so we arrived immediately in Bottrop and I could check if he told me the truth. 😃 The “Lokschuppen” is a longer building and very modern and cool. A great place to celebrate a fetish dinner and, as I have heard, the dinner was super nice and delicious.

The music was really great to dance to what I also enjoyed a lot. So, I jumped over the party and saw many familiar faces who I kissed and cuddling all the time to say hi and hello. That was simply fantastic. All of the guests were in a good mood, the place was not too full and so it was good space to chat and have fun. I think that there could come more but maybe the place was a little far from the hotel or maybe they prepared to collect some energy for the next day.

However, for myself I found a lot of time to chat with models like Psylocke, Starfucked, Onna Sakura, La Trisha, Honeyhair and of course many dear friends to talk and to have fun. And that is exactly what I liked at the party that everyone was very relaxed, drunk something and had fun and were dancing. This was exactly the right start as a beginning of the next day - the big Ball of the Fetish Evolution Weekend 2016. But I will tell you more on my next article.

Lara Larsen


  • 2 ❤ (Lara Larsen)Ned Carn

    Nice pictures, thanx for sharing! 😃

  • 0 ❤Lara Larsen

    Thank you so much... the second part of this article about the Fetish Evolution Weekend will come today 😃

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    That first pic with Pyslocke and Starfucked. Damn I'm jealous of you! 😃