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Latex Lingerie Kinky Car Wash is for many people an exciting topic because these latex clothes are completely different from the "normal" lingerie. Lingerie or underwear is clothing which is normally worn under casual clothing. For lingerie there are panties, slips or briefs and especially for women also bra. Some people also like or vests as lingerie.

For myself, I wear rarely lingerie for various reasons but for general there it’s usual to wear a slip or underpants below a skirt or trousers. Specially, if girls wear (mini-)skirts it’s often seen as hygiene to get "closed".

Latex Lingerie Purple Latex LingerieBut what makes latex lingerie special and what is the special attraction?

Sexy Latex Lingerie

Latex lingerie is not lingerie in the classic sense because it’s more the visual effect and also the feel is most important. Moreover, it is uncommon to wear lingerie under latex clothes because a slip or bra would break the perfect gloss and effect of a smooth shape of the body.

Latex Lingerie Shiny SurpriseOf course, it can also be a desired effect to show the sexy latex lingerie but mostly in vulgar appearance.

However, it is a good reason to sexy latex lingerie to show it. So it makes sense to wear a beautiful combination of , latex panties and latex bra under a coat to seduce a friend or acquaintance.

Latex Lingerie under Clothes

Latex Lingerie Serving the MasterI like to wear latex nearly daily and so I don’t have much latex lingerie. A lot of friends don’t have the freedom to wear latex like me. Especially, in some jobs like in office you don’t want to be the underdog but also don’t want to miss this good feeling latex.

Here it makes sense that you have some panties or in latex which can be worn under casual clothing like a jeans or business clothes. So you have to distinguish between functional and seductive latex lingerie.

Functional Latex Lingerie

Latex Lingerie Latex and Oil OverloadFunctional latex lingerie is a practical slip or short or a tight latex bra. The slip is mostly simple and plain without any big effort to decorate it. The feeling of latex is most important. Latex can break due to friction with a pair of pants so the latex may not be necessarily fine.

For women the functional latex lingerie and bra mainly holds tits tightly into shape. It can still keep the shape well and round but it can also be a sports bra which pushes the breasts tight to the chest.

Seductive Latex Lingerie

Latex Lingerie Do Not ScreamSeductive latex lingerie is less suitable for everyday use but like every sexy lingerie it’s for a special moment. So the lingerie can be made of very fine latex and be processed much finer.

This lingerie often looks very nice but it is not suitable to wear it like a slip for every day. The material is often in thinner latex to blend into even gentler to the body. The breasts are not mainly held but are beautiful to see because the latex looks like a second skin and tender round the genitals.

Latex lingerie in Porn Movies and Pics

Latex Lingerie Tight Latex PantsLatex was firstly known from erotic and pornographic films. It was not the idea to show a girl in sexy . Overall, it was not to make a fashionable sexy look in an artistic way but show the female body on a very delicious and seductive way.

The latex lingerie became an important component because the most attractive actresses hide just slightly their genitals. Like general lingerie with suspenders or other hot thin and small fashion pieces it is the same with latex to let a girl simply beautiful and interesting.

In many movies it was primary a combination of latex stockings and with sometimes a suspender belt to keep the stockings at the right place. This already beautiful look was mostly started with hiding genitals with a very narrow thong or bra just to cover a little some details. Therefore, the bra or thong was mostly ornament very well or was already in clearly and just to seductive.

Latex Lingerie during Sex

Latex Lingerie Black Latex LingerieThe normal lingerie has its subtleties if you think about briefs or pants which are overt to make it easy and kinky to gain access to the interesting parts of a person.

However, the latex fetish scene, especially in the bizarre world, knows many options for the sex life to get even more interesting and totally different for many people.

Latex Lingerie Relaxing in High HeelsSo some latex briefs also have a zip for easy access or for easy undress. However, some of the pants have extensions like an incorporated anal or vaginal plug. This is an object, which is cylindrical or penis shaped, which you have to take in if you take the pants on. So cool!

In addition, some panties can be equipped with a bag to take the urine of the wearer. This is very important for some games or if the person is not able or allowed to go pee for itself. But also some bras can be fitted with studs or spiking for additional sensual stimulation.

Latex Lingerie Over Over Knee BootsThe scope and opportunities in the bizarre world is incredibly and latex lingerie no longer plays just an optical but also functional effect. The viewer becomes visually stimulated but also the carrier has a special moment at the same time.

Latex Lingerie Fashion

Latex becomes increasingly the way in everyday life and is often combined by women for a special evening to get worn with elegant and classic garments. So you see often a suit or a long combined to shiny plain .

Latex Lingerie Relaxing in LatexBut the fashion designs are also developing in lingerie but the general public doesn’t notice the opportunities here so far.

The classic latex scene offers already a very colorful and exciting collection and leaves little desires. From a simple combination to fine crafted transparent latex lingerie is a wide range for various designers.

The combination of latex with lace or mesh allows a delightful seduction as well.

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