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If you ever heard about you will noticed some very different feelings about the look while men or women wear it. I want to try to give you a short explanation what is transparent latex and what does it mean for me.

The special material latex

Transparent Latex Hunters GirlLatex is a material which is perceived by different people on very different ways. For some like me, it’s a wonderful and extraordinary material with a very special comfort but for others it’s a shiny material for freaks. And if latex already brings emotions it is much more for transparent latex. But what makes transparent latex special? Some time ago I could visit the label Bodycult and I also talk about latex and what makes it different. I would like to briefly summarize here what I heard.

Latex is a natural product

Transparent Latex Second SkinAt very first you should know some truth about latex and for some it is maybe new that this is a natural product and extracted from the rubber trees by scoring these plants. After many cleanings the result is a material which is highly stretchable. This material is the raw base for latex and even colorless. Honestly, it is not really fully colorless. Like every natural product it is not too clean and so it is milky. However, that is the basis for latex clothing and it is for itself the transparent latex itself because there will be no color change anymore.

Transparent Latex Heavy RubberOnly when the material is enriched in a further processing step with color pigments we get latex sheets like black, red, blue and even more colored latexes. And the more or less of these color pigments are added, the more intensive is the latex and the effect. Thus, only a small proportion of black cause smoky transparent latex. And if you have a nice , stockings or leggings or saw smoky transparent latex knows about the sexy look. But to keep the fact, latex is transparent in its most natural state and nothing else can be so natural.

Latex but transparent

Transparent Latex Latex SwimsuitWell, some people have a certain aversion for transparent latex. I once heard that the pigeonholing cause associations with cleaning gloves, condoms or similar. From my point of view it’s a pity because shiny legs of a woman can be so sexy and slutty maybe but hot at all and very aesthetically for me. It shows the legs or body naturally and you feel the beautiful material latex on the skin as well. You don’t feel naked even if you are. You pull all attention on you being shiny and with a perfect gloss feel at the same time.

Transparent Latex Do Not ScreamOf course, everyone must decide for themselves if you want wearing transparent latex or not. From some views you might be classified as even more pervert or slutty but if you don’t care about such thoughts like me or want it, it is a perfect material at all. I know about these facts and it prods me and I’m looking forward again that I can wear my suit or my leggings with transparent latex soon again. And I know exactly why I love transparent latex. 😜

Passion for transparent latex

Transparent Latex Transparent Latex Leggings and HotpantsBut the question for you is maybe why I love transparent latex so much. Well, if you look on my photos you see that I really love transparent latex. It’s a feeling on my skin and to know that you are dressed but otherwise it is see-trough fashion.

Transparent Latex Tight Black PantsKnowing that you wear something relaxes you and you feel that everything is good at all. You are in a good mood, the smell is around you and that’s fantastic. But on the other side it is transparent fashion and everyone can look through it. That always brings prickle in my belly.

Transparent Latex Over Over Knee BootsI’m fully dressed into transparent latex and somehow I’m not. My body is wrapped into this tight shiny material and I feel so good in it.

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      I bet it brings prickle to your belly and some other places also, right kinky girl? I know how those photo session ends...😉

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      hihihi... how? What do you think? 😁

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      stunning stunning pictures as always what a sexy lady.

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      Where do I meet other like minded people like us. I am in London. You look amazing by the way

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      you are so beautiful and i love latex

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      You are such an amazing and beautiful lady. I love latex and how you write so passionately about it and it on you. Breathtakingly sexy 💗

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      You are so beautiful in the . I have had fetish for latex and plastic materials for as long as I can remember. The smoothness and softness of the material is wonderful. I love it against my skin. Often times I sleep with a latex sheet. I really like when it bonds with my body. It's like a second skin. I live in the USA. The rubber fetish has not caught on here as in other parts of the world. Again, you are so beautiful in the pictures above.

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      Yes indeed is in the one hand something very kinky for me but also very lovely. I know how you feel and how you enjoy the time in your transparent latex sheet... I think it is something very special. Some people don't know much about latex but IF they try it they possibly addicted like we are 😁