Lara Larsen : Fashion Model for Latex in Public

I'm Lara Larsen, a 22 years girl with passion for fashion and styling. I never thought that would become so important in my real life. I am totally new in this whole website thing but very excited about it.Usually, I'm like a girl next door - or say nearly. I love , my metal which shows everyone I'm submissive, I love my like my and and ... well there is something different maybe ... because I love compliments about my especially if it is spanked in some session.

The gloss while I wear my , latex or anything else which is in latex makes me hot. I'm addicted to the feeling of latex on my skin and the way it feels and other think about while I wear such skin tight fashion. Therefore, I wear latex nearly daily at home but I also wear . Sometimes, I love to be the little latex slut wearing latex for everyone while everyone enjoy my body shape or gets wet from my and sometimes I just want to feel latex on my naked skin and so I wear hot . I like it to show my femininity and enjoy it if I am in the spot of everyone and that guys look behind me. 😃

Latex Pictures and Latex Passion

Once a photographer saw me in latex in the city and asked me for a photo shooting with other latex girls. That was so unreal and fantastic at the same time and made me proud to know that my hot look bought such an attention to others. A dream came true and after the photos was surprised with the decision that they find me useful for a photo project. From this moment everything became different and a website was created and every step of myself was followed with the camera for latex photo and videos. Some friends said I became a real Internet bitch because you see me in my alternative fashion style in latex on many pages and tgp websites.

However, I don't want to bother you any longer and please you to have a look in my photos. Lots of Love and pleasure, Lara Larsen 💗 💗 💗

Video Trailer

Video - Buttless Latex Leotard: Latex Pics in Buttless Latex Leotard with Lara Larsen: You know by now that I'm always wearing latex in public :) One of my favourite things to wear.