Lara Larsen : Fashion Model for Latex in Public

I'm Lara Larsen, a kinky girl with a passion for fashion and styling and a kinky little twist: latex. I never thought that would become so important in my real life, but after discovering it in my late teens I now wear it most days. I'm totally new to this whole website thing but I'm very excited about it and love how I can show off my enjoyment of sexy rubber clothing. Maybe because I'm quite little, petite and my looks are quite "cute", people can often get the wrong idea about me.

There is a little bit of shock factor about me because, behind my girl-next-door cuteness, I love wearing , I love my - my and snakebites are immediately obvious - and I love my locking metal , which shows everyone I'm submissive. Once it is locked on me, I cannot take it off and have to wear it 24/7. But there is even more: I absolutely love compliments and comments on my , especially if it is being spanked in some kinky session.

I love the high-shine gloss of latex, whether it's a full I'm wearing out to a bar or leggings or a skirt out and about in the day, or maybe a cool for an evening. I'm addicted to the feel of rubber on my skin, the way it clings and hugs my body, so I wear it at home for myself, maybe some tight , and I love .

Sometimes, I just want to be a little latex slut wearing something tight so everyone can look at my body, see my and view me as a sex object. If I make guys - or girls, for that matter - turn and look at me, I feel sexy.

My Latest Photos

Jun 19th, 2018
Jun 13th, 2018
Jun 10th, 2018
Jun 07th, 2018
Jun 03rd, 2018
May 01st, 2018
Apr 27th, 2018
Apr 23rd, 2018

Latex Pictures and Latex Passion

Once a photographer saw me in latex in the city and asked me for a photo shooting with other latex girls. That was so unreal and fantastic at the same time and made me proud to know that my hot look bought such an attention to others. A dream came true and after the photos was surprised with the decision that they find me useful for a photo project. From this moment everything became different and a website was created and every step of myself was followed with the camera for latex photo and videos. Some friends said I became a real Internet bitch because you see me in my alternative fashion style in latex on many pages and tgp websites.

However, I don't want to bother you any longer and please you to have a look in my photos. Lots of Love and pleasure, Lara Larsen 💗 💗 💗

Video Trailer

Video - Hunters Girl: Latex Pics in Hunters Girl with Lara Larsen: Today, I go hunting with my new Hunter boots. Okay, maybe not really on the hunt but at least.