Updated Boots

Boots Punk Girl is a shoe form where the shaft (the surrounding area around the leg) is above the ankle or higher ends. This makes boots to general shoes or . Generally, one distinction is ankle-high boots (also ankle boot), knee boots, tight high boots (also ) or crotch boots according to the height of the shaft.

Practical boots

Boots Hot Spring FeverA boot is at very first a useful shoe because of the higher shaft because it protects the ankle and often also the leg from outside influences. Boots can warm in the winter but can also protect from injury in the harsh working environment. These beneficial boots are certainly very practically but mostly not really sexy.

Sexy Girls Boots

Boots Beethoven Haydn Mozart MemorialMy favorite girl boots are sexy and hot boots because they are less useful for work but rather a visual stimulation for everyone who likes girls in boots. Especially, tight high boots which are tight on the female leg and have high heels are mostly considered to be erotic and sexy boots.

Boots Reichstag buildingVery often this effect is quickly limited to patent leather and latex just to justify a special group of people in a smaller scene. However, the truth is that the material of boots is just a part role because there are also boots lovers for leather but you can also see in the modern fashion catwalk boots with any other materials.

Boots Opatija SeaSideFor a real boots lover are different reasons important to bring up a sexual attraction. The complexity can be of a single detail like height of the shaft or heel but also a mix of different properties like material, tightness but finally also the girl who is walking in it. Some people also make a difference between the fact that a boot is worn or not because the fact that a boot is worn brings the imagination of a perfect girl walking around in sexy boots in public.

Lara Larsen


    • 6 ❤ (Lara Larsen)andy h

      Love ur thigh very sexy and arousing makes u look even hotter bbe

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      Thank youuuu!!! 💗

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      Love your thigh high and your outfit.

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      Thank you soooo much!!! It seems this is just a beginning ... oohhh I love to know the future 😃

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      perfekt. und lovet me

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      Those crotch high are out of this world. Where did you buy them and how much if i may ask@?

    • 2 ❤Lara Larsen

      Yes these crotch are so sexy but unfortunately they are not available anymore 😞 I'm soooo sorry but maybe you want to have a look at which have beautiful crotch high boots!!!! 😃

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      Wonman look nice in !!!!!

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      Love you in sexy thigh high leather , stunning and beautiful.

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      Thank you so much! YES leather are something very special and really cool fashion pieces 😃

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      High Larasenilkeucolourof your shoes it's awesome

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      Lara what ever you wear, you look sexy and elegant

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      Thank you so much. I love to very very high and sexy and maybe that is the reason I also train to wear . But this is very nice to hear that you like every style of boots from me 💗

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      How do you feel about mixing .. collars ..... ..... and leg cuffs together ?? perhaps with a thrown in? ..... just an idea lol

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      Well the photo set and Latex might be close but there will be more photos in this way soon 😜

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      Yes,yes,u should wear ankle cuffs w locks cause u have legs for it

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      i want to see you swim in your leather crotchboots with full fetish latex