Over Knee Boots

Over Knee Boots

Updated Over Knee Boots

Over Knee Boots Latex on FunFair, also over knee or are boots, whose shaft ends above the knees. For a long time these boots were something obscene and only offered in various fetish shops.

Over Knee Boots Latex MannequinOverknee boots are one of my absolute favorite boots as they look very sexy with this mostly tight high shaft. The idea of these boots is quite old and well known from the series "With Umbrella, Charm and Melon" from the 60s with agent Emma Peel as she wore perky paint overknees to her business suit.

Over Knee Boots Mirror RoomThese boots were mostly seen as something surreal and not for casual fashion which was considered as a special equipment for prostitutes or sluts. However, over the knee boots got properly known by the successful film "Pretty woman" in which Julia Roberts played a prostitute and wore crotch boots. Crotch Boots are a special type of overknees which shaft ends directly below the ass. Many saw these boots from another point of view but still categorized overknees as hooker boots and quickly classified a girl with such tight high boots as small town slut.

Overknee Boots and Latex

Over Knee Boots Seductive in Leotard and OverkneesOne of the most sensual effect is the combination of with tight shiny fashion like wetlook or latex. The special effect comes from the fact that especially females wear tight clothes and show their body shape obviously. This effect is mostly known and very sexy with latex.

Over Knee Boots Brandenburg GateIf you combine now boots or better it makes it makes the look very sexy and that is the reason that I enjoy to wear overkneeboots with latex for sexy photos or to have a hot night.

Over Knee Boots Beethoven Haydn Mozart MemorialI know and feel how people look on me if I wear something in latex like a tight shiny or leggings. But if I combine it with overknee boots the air is burning. In most cases people look at me and give some sweet compliments which make me mostly very proud.

Effects of Overknees

Over Knee Boots Sexy Leather Coat in WeimarThe effect of over knees, especially in sexual direction, comes close to the passion for general boots. There are specific properties for this passion which make this type of garments very special and everyone has its own favor for it. In some cases it is the material like leather, lace or latex but it can be also the shape of the posture of a woman in in the connection with a narrow shaft.

Over Knee Boots Reichstag buildingAlso the obvious use with some traces on the boots add a special value for boot lovers and can also bring and create a sexual attraction as a special feature. The complexity can be finally the interplay of different properties like for me the height and tightness with the gloss of the shaft with a smooth shape and material.

Overknees on the Catwalk

Over Knee Boots Over Over Knee BootsEven there is an erotic attraction emanating from over knee boots these boots are also on international catwalks and got generally accepted because of no less icons such as Madonna and Victoria Backham. Designers like Louis Vuitton use the effect while adding studs to the over knee boots and embellishments or Gucci and Prada bring simple but elegant boots to the general market. Since the first lady Michelle Obama wore black over-knees by the designer Robert Clergerie it’s everyone clearly that these boots aren’t only worn in a small secret scene.

Over Knee Boots Relaxing in LatexSo it’s up to you if you like such tight high boots and if you see them as elegant or disgusting but for myself I totally love my thigh high boots and I wear them with pride. I know that there a guys who see different on my overknees and maybe still think dirty but I don’t care and love my boots.

Lara Larsen


    • 4 ❤ (Lara Larsen)Gordon

      Lara,I dare to say that I'm a big thigh high fetishist. I can't live without those things. And sometimes I'd like to ask my girlfriend to use the heel to rub against my penis.Your boots are so fetish and sexy! I really enjoy them.

    • 1 ❤Lara Larsen

      Thank you Gordon for your blandishments and I understand you totally. If you love and like something a lot like over knee it's hard if you can't share your passion. I hope you enjoy my photo sets a lot 💗

    • 4 ❤ (Lara Larsen)Charlie

      You are so beautiful and sexy 💝 💘

    • 3 ❤ (Lara Larsen)crotchboots-m

      I am male and enjoy wearing and cavorting in fetish and leather. I especially like to swim,wade,shower in my gear. Have u ever trade getting your boots wet,and what do think of males wearing high heel boots

    • 1 ❤Lara Larsen

      It always depend on how the look and fit to the person. I know guys who have a good taste for fashion and if it looks cool I love it 😁

    • 5 ❤ (Lara Larsen)David

      Lara, you are unbelievably sexy. I bought my ex girlfriend some like yours, over knee and with 6 inch heels and used to like her to wear them with just a prim looking button through cotton summer so it wasn't obvious how high the boots were, then when we got back to the flat, just tear off the dress, leaving her just in the boots!

    • 1 ❤Lara Larsen

      There are so different and good reason to wear over knee and I can totally understand that she was wearing them without show it everybody. At least wearing such makes you an eye catcher in public and at least it is also a good feeling just to know that you wear them. It makes girls somehow a little proud and let us feel sexier 😃

    • 1 ❤ (Lara Larsen)jason luke williams

      you are so sexy in your outfit and good style to on here

    • 0 ❤Lara Larsen

      Thank you so much... well over knee are something really cool and special. It is a special style and I agree that it makes always things different 😃

    • 0 ❤David

      I just love the pictures of you in your latex gear-you look very happy and contented with life in general,a real breath of fresh air!.
      I do a bit of freelance/creative writing myself and it would be great to write a few words about you and your passion for which thankfully,has become so much more mainstream nowadays.I wish you every success in whatever you do.David x.

    • 0 ❤Thor

      You oh so sexy

    • 0 ❤TheGreek

      Hi Lara...your sexy leather platform thigh really turn me on, where can i find a video off you teasing in them plz? X

    • 0 ❤leatherboy

      Hi Lara, i luv wearing over the knee leather with my leather pants. They go perfectly together, and you're right, over the knee boots can be special equipment as i think they protect my leather knees....