SlinkyStylez Brandenburg GateFor many, is today already well known and I am infinitely proud of my beautiful crunchy leggings. There are no pants on the market right now which more focusing on making a sexy then the leggings by . Well, perhaps I should tell you everything right from the beginning, so that you get a feeling for what I have to tell you about this fashion piece.

A few months ago a friend showed me a video. In this video you could see a woman who was wearing black and beautiful shiny leggings. At that time, I was asked if this leggings is made of latex or another material. The description told something about "synthetic rubber" and so I thought it would be for sure close to latex. I couldn’t answer the question exactly so this fan was so kind and made me a gift: He bought me this leggings of SlinkyStylzes so that I can test it for myself.

SlinkyStylez Tight Latex PantsPersonally, this is super cool because I like this leggings from the first moment I saw it and because of various reasons. On the one hand because of the fit and the gloss but there was still something else which I found really hot. In the video you could see that the labia of the woman were well pressed apart so that her crotch was clearly visible for every passer-by. For me that was a real plus because even the was not too much alternative it was cool with this kinky .

Wearing Slinky Stylez Leggings

Finally, I received the leggings and I was at first not sure if the size was correctly or of it was too small. I hold the leggings in front of me and was sure that I could never ever wear. The material was also not so stretchable like latex because the synthetic rubber looks similar but is a little stronger and in comparison latex adapts more to the body.

SlinkyStylez Beethoven Haydn Mozart MemorialHowever, for this pants it was needed that rather my body as to fit to the given cut which was also pretty cool finally. It took a while until I got the pants up and even more deep between my so that I could close the zip and button.

But looking in the mirror made a a big wow effect and I was immediately impressed. The Slinky Stylez legging is no an alternative to a but with a fantastic fit an indescribable feeling I would never like to miss to wear and enjoy it.

SlinkyStylez in Public

SlinkyStylez Reichstag buildingMovement in these leggings is significantly different than in latex leggings. The synthetic rubber feels significantly more intense on my skin. It is even more striking in the pussy. While I was enjoying the gentle rubbing of latex on my pussy the pressure for the SlinkyStylez leggings is consistently stronger and more intensive. Actually a nice feeling but after a longer walk and getting wet it begins to hurt.

The effect on my neighbor was as expected positive: Every man saw at first on my crotch and enjoyed the beautiful curves of my pussy lips. The splendor of the leggings on the one hand and then this fantastic cameltoe effect are indescribable.

SlinkyStylez Tight Black PantsOverall, I am very impressed by their products and think that the leggings are not the only piece of clothing of SlinkyStylez which I will have.

SlinkyStylez Hot Pants

I had told you already that the legging will not remain alone in my wardrobe. I was looking a while for nice crunchy hot pants which is showing more my bum and crotch really sexy and SlinkyStylez had exactly what I was looking for.

I bought super tight hot pants in synthetic rubber for a photo shooting in Berlin in front of the Brandenburg Gate. And again there was the positive effect which I was expecting: Everyone liked these hot-pants and agreed that it was damn sexy. On a hot summer day the hot pants is exactly the right thing and neither too much nor too little.

Lara Larsen


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