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Lara Larsen - Latex Fashion on Tour Massad CoverMy name is Lara Larsen and I'm delighted that you find my website. It's sill so fascinating that my personal website exists and I am incredibly thankful.

Why ?

Latex Swimsuit Sexy Pics - Lara LarsenCome to think of it, right now I should state the glorious fact that I was born on December 7th, 1992 in Bielefeld. But that fact does not fascinate many people, so let us fast forward past my 17th Birthday, which shockingly includes an evening where I was to meet up with some friends in a disco - keep the "lame" gushes to a minimum, please.

My boyfriend at that time was capable of independent thinking and figured that when he was to come pick me up, he better have some little surprise for me ready. My flabber was completely ghasted, or rather, I was very much surprised, and so I happily and eagerly opened the present right then and there. When I removed the two rubbery black things out of the package, I thought that this must be some kind of a joke and most of my good spirits fizzled. Thinking that these oversized condoms were not quite tickling my funny bone, I reminded myself that I like shiny, sparkling things and tried to brave the situation with a hopeful smile. People did walk around at that time covered in black shiny and , perhaps this was something - yes, I grasped at straws, I liked that guy.

Bondage and Latex Free Pics - Lara LarsenRealising that something unsavoury is about to hit the fan, my boyfriend tried to save the situation by showing how you can bring the rubber to shine. Starting to mutter under my breath, but still bravely trying to help him salvage the bust, I went on to test out the stockings - yes, these things were . After I have donned the first one, I was already warming up to the new sensation; these stockings were beyond anything I have experienced before. Of course I did not tell him that - after all, I am a girl, you know! For myself, I was very much taken with the new and interesting feeling, the tingling of the skin, the whole works. It complemented and fitted my legs perfectly, the polished shine enchanted my senses and I knew that this is beyond awesome - the bulging eyes of my boyfriend were another hint, but that is not the point. That evening changed me in some way, I was sure of that.

Since that evening, I wore these stockings as much as I could, up until it dawned on me that there must be more of that, in some manner and latex fashion. So I made him tell me where and how he purchased these glorious stockings, which surprised me somewhat. I was almost certain that you can purchase latex stuff everywhere you go, that it was commonly available in most stores. To me they seemed perfectly normal, I wore them almost daily, some kind of a logical progression from shiny leggings and tops to this. You could see on MTV and other stations where musicians and singers wore similarly awesome shiny stuff.

Today, I am certain that my boyfriend and the people I was hanging out at that time bear the full responsibility that I am a full latex aficionado today, where I do not leave my home without it - no pun intended AmEx. Thanks, people 💗

What does all this have to do with my website

Pony Girl Fetish Pics - Lara Larsen... you might be asking yourself, very justifiably, I might add. Well, the circumstances were still peculiarly setting themselves up, so to speak, or rather, more coincidences were about to happen down the line! There I was, in a café in Hamburg, writing an article about that astonishingly beautiful city. It was my first journalistic outing, a job where I was providing my view within an online blog regarding the landmarks, sights, places to see and everything else that matters, when speaking about European cities. I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I really got myself going, scribbling busily away, thinking that my literary genius is at least Pulitzer Prize worthy.

Taking a short break, cooling my ganglia from all the hard work, I started to talk with a guy sitting right next to me, who turned out to be a photographer named Norman Richter. His photos were cool, but I had no idea who he was, but he did not strike me as a perv. Later, I checked his credentials and was astonished at how professional this guy worked, so I did eagerly accept the open invitation to a small photo session, which just introduced me to the incredible world of art and photography I learned to cherish very much.

This unexpected development made it possible for me to combine my passion for travelling and my interest for latex and couture, all of which finally resulted in this website. So, allow me to welcome you into my world, have a lot of fun with my stories, experiences, insights, impressions, basically my life right now, the abundance of pictures made all over the world and on most interesting places! Furthermore, I would be most pleased if you could provide your input as well, with good natured critique, but also opinions, ideas and suggestions. Be gentle with me people.

Lara Larsen Lara Larsen