Holidays on Mallorca

Holidays on Mallorca
Holidays on MallorcaPalma, ES-PM

Mallorca – I’m coming! I was looking forward to the little holiday again. On the one hand, because I find this small sweet island simply awesome and on the other hand because it was not such a simple holiday at all. My luggage mainly consisted of latex and this has one reason: fun, passion and lots of photos.

Whenever I am at the airport with my too heavy suitcase the other passengers look at me compassionately. Many will wonder why this little girl is traveling with a much too big and seemingly endless suitcase. One or the other will surely consider whether half of the baggage would have gone out, because finally we fly into the sun and on Majorca a typical "woman" carries as little as nothing.

Nobody will know that in this suitcase my whole passion is bundled and in particular different latex suits, latex corsets, , stockings, oil and much more then have a decent weight. Sometimes, however, I really wonder what the checkers think about when they see these outfits and also my somewhat extraordinary high-heels and in the scanner. Surely there will be some checkers, who can quickly look at whether an extravagant party or so is hip.

But no, I fly with my own "treasure" on Mallorca and look forward to a few dreamy days in the sun. At least I wanted it so, because the year before I had probably a completely unknown rain period of Mallorca experienced. But this year everything should get better. The sun was predicted for weeks and whoever only approximately believes in the coffee set reading of the meteorologists was simply optimistic. I was once again super-optimistic because I was looking forward to the coming days and even if it rained, I had this time a little less latex bikinis and and more latex clothes for every situation packed.

So it was only a great time and so I went with the necessary motivation and joy to my place in the plane and probably declared three or four ladies, who gave me curiosity, how beautiful but tight shining leggings are. That these leggings are really smooth and that these pants really can be bought. Somehow cute!

On Mallorca arrived there was on the first day exactly one goal: food with the favorite. Sounds stupid but is genuine. Two years ago I was with this Indian and the style, the atmosphere and the atmosphere I loved so incredibly well that I was looking forward to this moment. In order not to make you particularly envious, I would rather not have any more pictures of the dream, but you can believe that it was just jummmy.

Another highlight was a meeting with friends for dinner. It was up to me, where I was eaten, or rather my appetite for the restaurant. Actually I wanted to find something nearby but then we drove almost 45 minutes and I was wondering if my choice was the right one. I wore my red for this evening and I was sure it was a rustic restaurant where a latex girl like me would not notice.

However, when we arrived we saw an infinitely large parking lot and it was empty. Why exactly did I pre-order a table here? So we were alone and the restaurant was anything but rustic. Anyway I could light up with my red latex even more. And finally I did, because the food was fantastic, the wine was just fun and I felt completely fantastic.

Overall, a holiday with many and much more brilliant highlights and since this time the weather really also played, I would not like this time at all. It was just awesome and whenever something is really nice, then I feel that someone is turning at the clock and everything goes too fast. But after the holiday is before the holiday and so I am already looking forward to a new brilliant time.

Lara Larsen


  • 2 ❤ (Lara Larsen)Jimmy

    Wow! You rock 💗

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    So much loveliness! That first shot on the plane is just sooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking CUTE!!!!

  • 1 ❤ (Lara Larsen)Troy Gaddis

    SIMPLY STUNNING!!!! Lust and Friendship

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    mam would you like to modelling/act in our projects?

  • 0 ❤Lara Larsen

    Your projects?

  • 2 ❤ (Lara Larsen)Selim Ali

    You look very cute and it looks like you had a great time.

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    You look like you had a great time

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