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Hot On FireFire is just awesome and incredibly fascinating. Now in the cold months, when small clouds form in front of your mouth, I like to search for the recovered warmth. Often, I cuddle up in a totally nice cozy blanket; drink a hot tea and missing a little my horniness. The blanket keeps me and my latex clothes nice and warm and I feel great despite the cold days but I get a little calm these days.

Hot On FireBut if I have the unique chance to relax close to a fire I can’t decline. The great advantage is that I do not need a blanket to relax. Stay in front of the fireplace makes you already hot and feeling good. I love to watch a fire for hours and watch how slowly the wood burns. Somehow I start dreaming and often do not want to get back from my little rubber latex world.

Hot On FireIt happened that I actually drove to a girlfriend totally frozen. She invited me to eat pizza and later we wanted to watch TV and play with each other. I wasn’t sure if I would be a slutty slave today because I froze in the past days and didn’t felt good. I put on something cozy over my red transparent because it was super snowy. I saw myself already wrapped in a blanket sitting on the sofa. I know, it’s not a nice way if I get an invitation but I really felt bad.

Hot On FireWhen I arrived at her apartment, I was thrilled. She had moved and even if the apartment was small she had something cozy and especially in the living room was a fireplace. How awesome is that? I was thrilled and sat on the place of honor: In front of the fireplace. Immediately, I started to dream and immediately I was really warmed up. It was this super nice warmth from the inside, where I just feel really good. I began a little to sweat which was such a good feeling and a heat from my upcoming horniness crawled up from my pussy. Within some minutes I was available for everything… like starting with a pizza. 😃 So come with me now on my little journey of relaxation and enjoy with me some hot, even fiery pictures.

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  • 1 ❤ (Lara Larsen)Kevin T - UK

    I hear about you on my local community station and they're not wrong. You are stunningly gorgeous. This update proves it 😀

  • 0 ❤Lara Larsen

    *blush* soooo kind 😁

  • 1 ❤ (Lara Larsen)Peter K

    Another fantastic photo set. I really love Red Latex and there is only one thing hotter than Red Latex and that is Lara Larsen in Red Latex.

  • 1 ❤Lara Larsen

    *giggles* Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 💗 💗 💗

  • 2 ❤ (Lara Larsen)Selim Ali

    Loving your red and Lara you are simply on fire (very attractive).

  • 0 ❤Lara Larsen

    Thank youuuuu 💗

  • 2 ❤ (Lara Larsen)ian reid

    hello Lara just to you always beautiful and what a beautiful photo shoot and great latex colour.

  • 0 ❤Lara Larsen

    Yes it it really 😁

  • 2 ❤ (Lara Larsen)Thor

    So so sexy like it Your Wow so sexy lara


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