Sibenik cathedral

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Sibenik cathedral
Sibenik cathedralŠibenik, HR

Sibenik cathedralSibenik is a small town at the Adrian coast in Croatia. It’s a place like done by a painter and a truly nice event for everyone who visits the old town. White stones glowing like marble at the streets and the houses. A feeling like thousand and one night rises in me as I arrived in this town and relaxed at a little café.

Sibenik cathedralIn a beautiful summer atmosphere I was wearing my beautiful dark while visiting the town with the curiosity of a little child. If I wouldn’t write down many moments most of these things would be lost after time.

Sibenik cathedralOther moments are that impressive that you never ever forget like the situation I stand in front of the cathedral of St. Jakob. These huge doors, the great white place and this monumental building took the breath of me and I stand with widely opened mouth in front of this building. Join Now

Sibenik cathedralOhhh no! Fortunately, there is not such a funny picture of me but this place was so beautiful that there are many photos for you. So please enjoy these pictures from Sibenik and follow this dreamful atmosphere.

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