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Bremerhaven Lighthouse
Bremerhaven LighthouseBremerhaven, DE

Bremerhaven LighthouseI assume you’ve already noticed most of my photos are made out from the situation. A journalist doesn’t have the chance to combine the vacations with locations to talk about and make some photos. Mostly, I get a special topic to talk about.

Bremerhaven LighthouseThis time my way goes to Bremerhaven. Some of you maybe know it from the so called climate house. It’s a place where different places at the world are shown as real as possible. Personally, I visited Bremerhaven … *drumroll* … because of the local lighthouse. It isn’t that obviously but this building is one of the oldest active lighthouses at the North See.

Bremerhaven LighthouseFor sure you will laugh now but it is a girls feeling that everything should fit and be perfect. And because I already planned doing some photos from this place I requested a perfect red cat suit by . What could fit better than a light house and a red cat suit? 😃

Bremerhaven LighthouseAnd I had such a big luck! The sun was shining which allowed me to explore this place with the lighthouse and the port. And something cool happened there: I sat for a moment in the shadow as an older woman came to me and started a chat. She was so likeable and also asked a lot about my cat suit. I’m pretty sure it was the first time for her that someone was wearing . However, she was very curious and finally asked to touch it. Of course, I don’t know what she thought but I was sure she went home to order her own suit. 😃

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Comment to Bremerhaven Lighthouse

  • 1 ❤ (Lara Larsen)ian reid

    so beautiful at all times

  • 1 ❤ (Lara Larsen)Marco Marques

    That red is just wonderful!

  • 1 ❤ (Marco Marques)Lara Larsen

    Thank youuuuu - yesss I love this red also a lot! It's a really vibrating color.

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