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Kugelbake Cuxhaven
Kugelbake CuxhavenCuxhaven, DE

Kugelbake CuxhavenOne of my journeys bought me directly to one a place mostly in the north of Germany. It was a place close to Cuxhaven with a good way to the mudflat. And because I had never the chance before to visit the mudflat I was very curious to travel there.

Kugelbake CuxhavenI took my leather jacket as I thought it must be very windy at the see. And that was a very good decision. It was a beautiful sunny day but with really cold wind.

Kugelbake CuxhavenHowever, I enjoyed watching the landmark, took some photos and was so excited to go the mudflat. I jumped out of my and my jacket and jumped happily from one puddle to another one.

Kugelbake CuxhavenI felt like a child looking for every puddle which was just waiting for me. At the time it was not allowed for me to do that but now I could play with the mud without any limits. Good from my side that I was wearing my black latex cat suit. What a big fun for me! 😃

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Comment to Kugelbake Cuxhaven

  • 2 ❤ (Lara Larsen)blondejon

    I absolutely love it, your all the slut i could ever want x

  • 1 ❤ (Lara Larsen)Leeloo

    This outfit is amazing! The leather jacket and over the glossy , you look simply delicious.

  • 0 ❤Lara Larsen

    Thank you!!! I wasn't sure about the look but finally I liked it also a lot 😁

  • 1 ❤ (Lara Larsen)David

    You really do tick all my boxes! The feel and look of a beautiful, erotically dressed girl in mud is amazing, I always wanted to get my girlfriend to wrestle around in slippery, slimy mud in perhaps just a thin, tight blouse, tight skirt with nothing underneath and , but never managed to arrange it. We did cov each other in shaving cream though, nearly as good! I feel another Lara fantasy coming on......D xxxxx

  • 2 ❤Lara Larsen

    hihihihi where do you know that such comments inspire me always 😃

  • 1 ❤ (Lara Larsen)Marco Marques

    I love the combination of latex and leather. You look absolutely delicious! 😉

  • 0 ❤Lara Larsen

    *giggles* Thank you soooo much 💗

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