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Shiny Red Queen
Shiny Red QueenSencelles, ES-PM

Shiny Red Queen"Tomorrow, you will be the Shiny Red Queen.", were the last words which one told me and with which I went very tired to my room in this night. I lay down in my bed and missed the pleasant feeling of my latex bedding on my skin. I lived in a house and could not really complain but there were some things I missed very much. Therefore, the anticipation for the next day was all the greater and I was happy like a small child to finally be able to get up and see what I should wear the next day.

Shiny Red QueenThat night I slept really badly and I thought about the whole time when the morning starts and when I can stand up to turn into a shining queen. It was clear to me that I was certainly chosen for a very nice latex outfit, but what would it be? Perhaps a beautiful red , which is typically cut short and thus perfectly suited to the sunny days? Or is it a beach day where I can wear a beautiful latex bikini? I just had no idea and found it completely stupid afterwards that I had not asked what was planned for the day and what I will wear.

Shiny Red QueenAt some point I slept with the most beautiful thoughts in my head and woke up from clattering crockery. Had I slept? Quickly as a lightning bolt, I jumped out of my bed and looked to see if my things were lying somewhere, but I found nothing. So I went naked into the kitchen and saw a carton on the kitchen table. It felt as if we had Christmas and I could not stand it with tension. With a knife I opened the package and found a beautiful black corset with a little note: "From René".

Shiny Red QueenI was overwhelmed and found under the box my red . So should I wear this today and this fantastic corset? Yes - "Shiny Red Queen" fit perfectly. Immediately I was bright, oiled me well and slipped into my red . A familiar feeling on the skin let me grin at once. Immediately, I felt perfect again but now I took the black corset and now I understood why I was called "Queen". It was just a small corset, but it looked fantastic and fits in perfect with the red . I felt really good and it felt like both pieces belonged together. "This will be a brilliant day, whatever happens." I said to myself and was looking forward to what was coming.

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  • 1 ❤ (Lara Larsen)Selim Ali

    First of all the weather is fantastic beautiful sunny skies and i am absolutely loving your red because it fits nicely very shiny and your simply turning me on all night long.

  • 0 ❤Lara Larsen

    Thank youuuu ... Totally love the as well 💗

  • 1 ❤ (Lara Larsen)ian reid

    A stunning photo shoot

  • 1 ❤ (Lara Larsen)ian reid



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