Shiny Seduction

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Shiny Seduction
Shiny SeductionAlanya, TR

Shiny SeductionWomen always keep something special for you to seduce a man. For sure the most classic seduction elements are fishnets and personally also love them a lot. If there wouldn’t be my passion for latex. So I have been thinking in these images how I could surprise you once again.

Shiny SeductionRED – came to my mind immediately and so I chose my beautiful dreamlike red and which fits beautiful to my red hair color. I've seen pictures where girls have worn this but it was anything but tempting. That's why I hope even more that you feel a great and aroused with my images and I seduce you with my shiny fashion. 😃

Shiny SeductionIn the beautiful hotel area I wore this beautiful red dress and combined it to my black . This proposal – to be honest - came from my photographer. He loves my legs in shiny latex and he said nicely teasing and makes boys horny. And if that's real what my well experienced photographer said then I'm sure you will have you have a lot of pleasure – isn’t it? Well, I remember the nice advances of other guests from the hotel and everyone liked this combination of black and red latex with my redhead.

Shiny SeductionNow, I don’t want to bother you any longer. Again I tell you how good it feels to wear latex all the day and how I like to know what people think about it. And of course, you know very well that latex is my life and my passion and I feel really sexy in latex. Therefore, I invite you now to my pictures and look forward to hear your thoughts about this photo set. I hope you will have a lot of joy because I truly believe that this series is glossy and seductive. Enjoy now this seriously shiny seduction of a glossy latex girl.

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Comment to Shiny Seduction

  • 3 ❤ (Lara Larsen)Ivor

    OMG! You get sexier all the time! Please tell me there is going to be a video of you in this outfit. I want to kiss you all over. 💗

  • 2 ❤ (Ivor)Lara Larsen

    YESSSSS... there is a video with a focus on my latex legs 😁

  • 1 ❤Ivor

    I love the video. Your legs sure look great. 💗 And I thought your gorgeous boobs were going to pop out of that . I wish they had.

  • 2 ❤ (Lara Larsen)Mathieu

    Awsome , Red is very attractive on you. Wonderful and very elegant shoot.

  • 1 ❤ (Mathieu)Lara Larsen

    Thank you SOOOO much!!! I'm very proud to hear you like it 💗

  • 2 ❤ (Lara Larsen)Darkfistoes

    Really hot that .. and so short Lara... you was showing your ass to everybody and no panties!, what a slutty girl you are... was you getting wet showing your nude ass right? I bet some drops were running down until that sexy ... naughty girl.

  • 1 ❤ (Lara Larsen)Graz

    She walked proudly into the hotel lobby. Her red shimmering in the lobby lights grabbed the attention of all present. Her long legs encased in black, tight, shining latex, capped with spike heels. Long strides, confident strides moved her across the room. Her hair bounced softly as her showed the tight curves of her body with each step.
    She spyed me sitting, reading the paper and a small smile crossed her face. She stopped, turned away from me, bent at the waist and put her overnight bag on the floor. Then she fixed a strap on one of her heels. Bent as she was she showed me, and everyone from my angle her tight white ass. The alabaster skin the only thing not covered by the tight latex, framed from the bottom in black, from the in red, tightly formed as she bent. Her sex, open to my eyes, such a show. Then, her hair falling below her head she looked back at me, a small smile across her face. She knew exactly what she was doing. Teasing me. Playing with me. Waiting for me to make the next move.
    I rose, quickly walking toward her as she picked up her bag and started toward the lobby desk. I grabbed her arm above the elbow and led her past the desk to a small hallway beyond, away from prying eyes. I pushed her against the wall. Her eyes looked up to me, her breaths, deep, forced her breast to peek out from the dress. My leg forced its way between hers, spreading her legs slightly.
    "Did you walk, dressed like this, from the station?" I asked.
    She nodded.
    "When you said you had a surprise for me I did not know I would be sharing it with the whole city!"
    She smiled.
    I inhaled her scent, felt the warmth of her body so close to me. I grabbed her neck, pulling her away from the wall a few inches, bending her again at the waist, her legs spread and straight allowed me to again view her tight white ass. I grabbed her ass, groping and squeezing it roughly. Then, SMACK, she almost moaned. SMACK again. Her body shook. I pulled her back up, pressing her against the wall.
    "Go to the lobby desk and get us our room. This is not over. This is just beginning.", I whispered and released her.
    As she strode away a little less strident it was my turn to smile, her ass no longer alabaster, started to glow red with my handprint. Oh no, this was just the beginning.

  • 0 ❤Lara Larsen

    Yesss... teasing you is the thing is planned to and I'm proud to know you liked it that way. Naughty girl? Yesss... for sure but finally you like it and that makes me proud. So lets go in the room... I was getting curious 😁

  • 3 ❤ (Mathieu)Wolfxomg

    Miss your in recent shoots T_T
    You look like a goddess in those tight long opera ...

  • 0 ❤Lara Larsen

    Awwww.... but I don't wear gloves here 😞

  • 2 ❤ (Lara Larsen)Garfield

    That red latex outfit made you look extra slutty, the whole shoot was a huge turn on for me 😃 i can't wait to see more of that sexy body

  • 0 ❤Lara Larsen

    Thank you SO MUCH! At least I love to know you enjoy it 💗

  • 1 ❤ (Lara Larsen)keith lyman

    You are the most beautiful woman i have ever seen

  • 0 ❤Lara Larsen

    *blush* really? you are soooooo cute!!! Thank you so so much 💗

  • 1 ❤ (Lara Larsen)ian reid

    What a gorgeous photo shoot and video clip

  • 1 ❤ (Lara Larsen)Dean

    Hi Lara you are so beautiful i love you so much

  • 0 ❤Lara Larsen

    Thank you sooo much 💗

  • 1 ❤ (Lara Larsen)Marco Marques

    Wow! You are a very seductive latex girl there! 😍

  • 0 ❤Thor

    Wow super hot and sexy

  • 0 ❤Lee Fergusson

    I can't to see more photoshoots again in your glorious red locks again!!


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